Natural language processing (NLP) aims to enable computers to use human languages – so that people can, for example, interact with computers naturally; or communicate with people who don't speak a common language; or access speech or text data at scales not otherwise possible. The NLP group at Notre Dame is interested in all aspects of NLP, with a focus on machine translation and connections with formal language theory.

The NLP group co-sponsors NL+, the Natural Language Processing Lunch Seminar.

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Neural networks for machine translation Models and algorithms for translation and language modeling using neural networks.
Expressivity of neural sequence models Relating neural sequence models to automata, grammars, circuits, and logics.
Natural language (variety) processing Collaboration with Antonis Anastaspoulos (GMU) and Yulia Tsvetkov (UW). Sponsored by NSF.
Language documentation with an AI helper Collaboration with Antonis Anatasopoulos and Geraldine Walther (GMU). Sponsored by NSF.
Differentiable, probabilistic programming with recursive structured models. Collaboration with Chung-chieh Shan (IU). Sponsored by NSF.
NLP on medieval texts Analysis of Latin texts and language modeling for OCR of Latin manuscsripts. Collaborations with Walter Scheirer and Hildegund Müller. Sponsored by Notre Dame FRSP.

Recent Publications

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