Natural language processing (NLP) aims to enable computers to use human languages – so that people can, for example, interact with computers naturally; or communicate with people who don't speak a common language; or access speech or text data at scales not otherwise possible. The NLP group at Notre Dame is interested in all aspects of NLP, with a focus on machine translation.



Unsupervised multilingual language learning Models and algorithms for translation, word alignment, and bilingual lexicon induction from parallel and non-parallel texts. Sponsored by DARPA LORELEI and a Google Faculty Research Award.
Neural networks for machine translation Models and algorithms for translation and language modeling using neural networks. Sponsored by an Amazon Academic Research Award and a Google Faculty Research Award.
Documenting endangered languages Technologies for large-scale data collection and automatic transcription and word alignment in endangered and unwritten languages. Sponsored by the National Science Foundation.
Graph grammars for semantics Theory and implementation of grammar formalisms for describing graphs for natural language semantics. Based on the 2014 JHU Workshop on Meaning Representations in Language and Speech Processing.


Midwest Speech and Language Days 2018
Talk: Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick (Carnegie Mellon University)
Talk: Kyunghyun Cho (New York University)
Talk: Karl Stratos (Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago)

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